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Third Meeting, Austria

Hosted by bit Schulungscenter GmbH, 28th and 29th of March 2022

The Training Modules (IO1) were reviewed for content for the final time, using the feedback given by APs.

Included in the process were comments provided by Gary Armstrong from ECLF (European Cycle Logistics Federation).

Following the review process, it was agreed that the Modules were too reliant on text and exposition and that more in the way of visual material was needed. Partners agreed to address this issue.

Progress on the CABIT website and Learning Platform (IO3) was reported; work on this next step of the project was progressing well. The problems with incompatibility between the app and the website had been addressed, and there was now a single, modular system.

The prototype website was demonstrated, and partners were able to log into it:  

Additionally, the Android app was now functional and could be accessed via the website. The Apple version would soon be up and running. Both the app and website are set up to provide data to learners, trainers and administrators.

The format for the Toolkit (IO2) was agreed and first thoughts on the content of the Training Manual (IO5) were discussed.

Ideas about the way Multiplier Events could be organised were also discussed.

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