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Second Meeting, Italy

Hosted by N.E.T. ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE, 21st and 22nd of October 2021

Attending was Carmine Arvonio from CycloLogica, the AP from Italy.

Partners presented their draft Training Modules to the meeting for consideration and comments.

The AP took a full part in the meeting, helping to shape the content of the Modules to make them fit for the purpose of on-the-job training. There were may changes and improvements to be made, and partners will also consult with their APs before the content is finalised.

Early plans were made for loading the materials on to the Learning Platform (IO3) and the app (IO4).

Discussion also took place regarding the content of the Toolkit (IO2).

The Dissemination Plan was reviewed and partners were asked to ensure that all dissemination was logged, with a minimum of two actions carried out each month during the life of the project.

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