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Fifth Meeting, Greece

Hosted By SystServ, 20th and 21st of October 2022

The External Advisor introduced himself and spoke briefly about his wealth of experience working in adult education in the UK. He has fully familiarised himself with the project brief, and has been looking at the processes involved in developing the five IOs. He has been impressed by the good communications between partners and felt that the CABIT project was well on target to achieve its objectives.

Partners were pleased to confirm that work on the five IOs was nearly complete. However, effort to do the final work needed to bring the project to successful completion was essential as the project would finish at the end of December 2022.

The Toolkit (IO2) was envisaged as the over-arching vehicle to contain the other IOs, and thought now needed to be given to how this would be presented, and where The Toolkit would sit on the CABIT website.

There were still editing tasks to be carried out on the Learning Platform (IO3) which would involve all partners, and the app (IO4) needed certain privacy protocols to be met before it could be uploaded to Apple and Playstore.

Translation of the materials has been left to the discretion of partners who can reclaim a percentage of those costs from the project.

While the project was deemed to be working to the timescale set out at the outset, it was felt that another virtual meeting to ensure all finishing off tasks had been carried out would be useful and this has been scheduled for the end of November 2022.

The CABIT Final Report will be written in January 2023.

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