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CABIT Kick-off Meeting, UK

Hosted by Accentuate UK, 24th and 25th of March 2021

This was held as a virtual, online meeting due to the constrictions of Covid.

A considerable amount of preparatory work had been undertaken by partners prior to the meeting, including setting up channels of communication such as Slack and google drive.

The responsibilities for the key Intellectual Outputs (IOs) were re-iterated and agreed:

  • IO1 Curriculum Design and Development – SGS TECHNOS, Spain
    • IO2 Toolkit – NET, Italy
    • IO3 eLearning Platform – BATTI, Bulgaria
    • IO4 Mobile Phone App – Systerve, Greece
    • IO5 Training Manual – bit Schulungscentre, Austria

It was strongly felt that before work could start on the curriculum design, further research needed to be carried out, along with consultation with Associate Partners (APs)

The planned outcomes of the meeting, as stated in original application document were all met:

  • Partner organisations develop close working relationships based on an understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities.   It is clear that this is a focussed and highly motivated partnership where roles and responsibilities are well understood from the outset.
  • Clear working practices, including lines of communication are established.  The group has established lines of communication using the email and SLACK.
  • The basic outline of the training package is agreed and understood – This has not yet been achieved, but it forms the focus of the next meeting in May.
  • Work packages and ways of working are confirmed and timescales agreed – This has not yet been achieved, but it forms the focus of the next meeting in May.
  • Partners have planned a timetable of meetings with APs regarding the above – it has been left to partners’ discretion as to when and how they choose to meet with partners. However, a common format for collecting feedback is in development.
  • A clear plan for dissemination throughout the project is agreed, with channels of communication agreed and roles and responsibilities clearly understood by all partners. 

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